In Pursuit of Alchemy.
In Pursuit of Alchemy.

The Alchemists
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Multiple revenue streams linked to one Digital Asset

Central to our ecosystem are our Digital Assets, which take the form of NFTs, holding inherent value. By owning our Digital Assets, investors gain the right to claim the economic benefits tied to our Gold Claim Mining Rights and other valuable assets.

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Between 4% - 8% return on investment every month

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Assets under management

Our assets under management include $58,000 of BTC Miners, Mining Rights for 10ha (24,71 Acres) Property with an estimated 1 Ton of Gold, as well as other potential Assets, such as Copper, Silver, Iron Ore and Quartz.

Long Term Vision

Our primary objective is to establish an automated and efficient ecosystem that generates a wide range of benefits for all stakeholders involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Rewards be airdropped? 

You will have access to a Claim Portal (dApp) where you will link your Assets and manually claim the rewards.

Is the Business success dependant on the CEO being present? 

No, we have systems in place that will ensure the business runs unabated with or without the current CEO. All information is freely shared amongst the core team to mitigate these type of risks.