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Assets Under Management

Our assets under management include $58,000 of BTC Miners, Mining Rights for 10ha (24,71 Acres) Property with an estimated 1 Ton of Gold, as well as other potential Assets, such as Copper, Silver, Iron Ore and Quartz.

Projected Return on Investment

We present the anticipated ROI based on our estimations, taking into account the current LBMA price of Gold. It is important to note that this scenario focuses solely on the Mining Rights we possess and the Commodity of Gold, disregarding any other potential commodities we may discover.

Estimated Gold Reserve: 1 Ton  
Market Value of In-Ground Asset: $60 million  
Sale of Shares: $12 million (We will retain ownership of shares in the Gold Mine.)  

The capital obtained from the sale of shares will be strategically utilized to generate value for our Digital Assets. As part of our financial planning, we have allocated the funds as follows:
1. Sales Tax: 5% ($600,000) - This amount has been provisioned for the sales tax, if any. A  
2. Commodity Trading: $10,000,000 - This fund will be allocated towards commodities trading via our network, encompassing Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, and more.  
3. Investment in Tangible Assets: $1,400,000 - This portion will be invested in Tangible Assets, such as real estate and other promising investment opportunities.

The utilization of these funds is expected to generate an estimated 10% profits on a monthly basis. These profits will then be distributed through our Digital Assets to the respective asset holders.

Projected Digital Asset Monthly ROI:  
- $66 per month  
- $792 per annum  

Please be aware that alongside our revenue generation from shares held in the Gold Mine, we possess additional Revenue Streams, including BTC Mining and Forex Trading, which serve as supplementary advantages.

Access to the aforementioned exposure is available at $400 during Phase 2, which is currently underway, and will cost $750 when Phase 3 commences. The estimated timeline to achieve these results is approximately 6-8 months from the initiation of Core Drilling.

Next Steps

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